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Flower Peel Microdermabraison

Microdermabraison is a fast, gentle, effective, and comfortable treatment, that leaves, little or no redness. Beginning with the flower grains, using a choice of three different grains, tailored to your skin condition.

Rose-hydrating, Lavender-sensitive, Tea Tree-congested-acne. Followed with a second peel with serum infusion, to rehydrate and treat, while promoting new skin and collagen growth.

No Downtime, No inconvenience!

Results are seen immediately!

Course of 6 Treatments, will put 5 years of collagen back into the skin!

Microdermabraison will improve:                             Fine Lines


Sun Damaged Skin



Acne Scarring


Stretch Marks

$100 per treatment or buy a package of 5 and receive the 6th FREE!

This Treatment is fast, gentle comfortable and leaves no redness

Results are seen after 1 Treatment!

Will treat the following conditions:

ageing skin, sun damage, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles

The Benefits are: hydrates, plumps, lifts, sculpts, and smooths

1-Oxy Peel-removes dead skin & infuses serums

2-Oxy Spray-Super Hydrating

3-Oxy Lift & infuse- Lifts sagging skin & infuses serum

4-Cupping-Lymphatic drainage, sculpts, lifts and tightens

A course of 6 is highly recommended for best results

Can also do each Treatment Individually                                                             or choose which Treatment you like

$65 each individual treatment or $199 for all 4 treatments ( for best results)

Oxy Peel and Sculpt

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